Get to know your Peace Soldier band members and our unique backgrounds and tastes in music. Scroll through the below bios and enjoy!


Vocals, guitars

Bobby Hurff

National recording artist Bobby Hurff pulled us all together to form the band. Bobby is a native of New Bern, NC and returned home from touring about five years ago and is working with veterans and the homeless at Religious Community Services (RCS). Bobby also  teaches guitar privately and through Pamlico Community College. During his musical heyday, he recorded with individuals and groups such as Artimus Pyle (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers), the Wrecking Crew, Dave Pack (Ambrosia), Roy Clark in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry and many other bands and musicians.


James Olson

James picked up the guitar as a young teen and has never really put it down. He took time out to earn a living in the Navy as a Corpsman and retired at 20 years. A veteran of Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom with two deployments to the Middle East and several others overseas with Shipboard as well as with the SeaBees.  This and other life events have given him plenty of emotional material to improvise the blues-rock lead styles that he is drawn to. Some of his major influences in music are Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Ted Nugent as well as groups like Pink Floyd, Styx, Kansas, and Queen. James owns more than a dozen various makes and models of guitars and several amps.  You never know what he will be playing this week but he is partial to the Les Paul style Humbucking pickup models as well as a few custom made varieties.


James Smith

James started playing guitar at 14 years old and purchased his first electric guitar and amp for $5.00. Once he painted the guitar dayglow blue it was off to the races to learn guitar! After taking classical guitar lessons he decided that prog-rock and blues rock were his passion. During his High School years he accumulated seven guitars and played with several local musicians in Maryland and D.C. Jamming and creating instrumental songs and multi-tracking guitars was to continue for several years. During the 90's until 2005, James played with a rock band in Northern Virginia as lead guitarist. The band played songs ranging from the Beatles to David Bowie, Roxy Music, the Strawbs, Cars, Elvis, etc. Peace Soldier is a continuation of James' passion for rock and blues. Through the years James has collected recordings from hundreds of artists ranging from Rock, Indie, Blues, Jazz, and prog/experimental music. "It's difficult to say what my favorite band is because it really depends on my mood."